Length: 06:32 minutes
Year: 2014
Medium: Animation
Role: Director, Animator, Editor

Exhibitions and Awards:
­Official Selection BLOW UP: Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival, Chicago, IL
­Second Place Art Attack, Gibson Gallery, SUNY Potsdam, Potsdam, NY
­Featured Installations Lougheed Festival of the Arts, SUNY Potsdam, Potsdam, NY

"Dust" is an animation inspired by a speculative fiction short story I wrote. It is set in a future where time has stopped moving. People have abandoned Earth. The planet has dried out. The short story stands as a warning. It reminds the reader that we still have time to act, before the planet gives up. The video retells the same narrative, and tries to recreate the metaphysical atmosphere. Time is frozen. The viewer is supposed to perceive it as a stack of still images, moments that overlap, the chronological order destroyed.

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