Length: 11:22 m
Year: 2017
Role: Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Cinematographer
Double click to startUnder the tides of the discourse on global warming, lies a series of man made atrocities. The power to generate the signifiers of language, especially in the case of legislation, has countless ignored consequences. Two degrees Celsius is a bench mark number bandied about throughout the Marrakech
Climate Change Conference. Most parties involved strove to set 2 degrees Celsius above pre­industrial level as the capping point for global temperature. In the video, two figures struggle amidst a barren seascape. They are deformed, broken. The sound of waves, at times drowned out by a wind battered microphone, engulfs their movement. As the waves rise, countless of living beings will perish before the 2 degree limit is reached. The structural violence, formalized in academic and political discourse, won’t be able to contain the oncoming floods.
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