Length: 11:22 m
Year: 2017
Role: Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Cinematographer
Under the tides of the discourse on global warming, lies a series of man made atrocities. The power to generate the signifiers of language, especially in the case of legislation, has countless ignored consequences. Two degrees Celsius is a bench mark number bandied about throughout the Marrakech Climate Change Conference. Most parties involved strove to set 2 degrees Celsius above pre­-industrial level as the capping point for global temperature. In the video, two figures struggle amidst a barren seascape. They are deformed, broken. The sound of waves, at times drowned out by a wind battered microphone, engulfs their movement. As the waves rise, countless of living beings will perish before the 2 degree limit is reached. The structural violence, formalized in academic and political discourse, won’t be able to contain the oncoming floods.
This piece was exhibited at the 2017 the New York K&P Gallery, New York City.

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