Length: 7:07 minutes
Year: 2015
Medium: Video and Animation
Role: Director, Editor, Camera Operator

In the video, "Bi," I explore metaphysical silences, building blocks of my identity. In this space, nostalgia becomes tangible and disconnected worlds merge in a space without time. The ephemeral drawings depicted are thin disappearing lines of medieval monuments: my perception of home. The spoken languages (Italian, Spanish and English) are a mismatched cacophony of sounds. They narrate a story that crisscrosses worlds, countries, and identities. The lights float in and out of the screen, ghosts of an unseen reality that stands in between the animated images and the spoken words. Lights are alternative identities, visions of an individual traveling among different cultures, changing and becoming something else: something intangible.

This piece was exhibited at the 2017 Western Massachusetts Biennial in Northampton, MA.
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